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A Guide to the Future of Automotive Technology: The e:HEV

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With five integrated world-class systems, you’ll be the star on the road.

Honda has announced its Advanced Technology: the e:HEV, a 2-motor hybrid system. Unlike traditional hybrids, where the electric motor assists the engine, in e:HEV, the engine produces electricity which assists the motor. The result? An efficient and crisp acceleration that does not sacrifice the comfort and smoothness of the journey, all thanks to Honda’s unique control technology. Each driving mode is shifted seamlessly and autonomously, so the driver is able to experience his or her joy of driving with no awkward transitions.

This is a mark of Honda’s initiative to minimize energy consumption, in line with Honda’s brand vision, which is to electrify two-thirds of its global automobile unit sales by the year 2030. As we head into the future, sustainability will continue to be at the forefront of Honda’s technologies. The ‘e’ in e:TECHNOLOGY is a symbol of Honda’s desire to energize its fans and consumers by using electricity as its source of energy. The e:HEV is introduced to not only efficiently consume energy, but it is also to enhance the users’ lives. Plus, the e:HEV technology is committed to creating a cycle of “generating energy, using energy, and connecting with energy,” where Honda will further enhance mobility and its consumers’ daily lives. This is great news for the world, Malaysia included.



At the heart of this innovation is the i-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) engine. It is a combination of high-efficiency systems that work to increase the driving distance by the motor alone. The motor gives immediate and smooth acceleration, featuring three modes of driving: EV drive mode, Hybrid drive mode, and Engine drive mode. In EV drive mode, you can achieve cruising speed without using a single drop of petrol. Meanwhile, the Engine drive mode is where the engine is running at optimum fuel efficiency to power the wheels while charging the battery at the same time.

To achieve tip-top efficiency, Honda has combined these five world-leading systems: the Generation and Drive Motors, the 1.5L Atkinson-cycle DOHC i-VTEC Engine, the Lithium-ion Battery, the Engine-linked Clutch, and the PCU (Power Control Unit). To say that this is a major upgrade for Honda cars is an understatement. This engine’s output is equal to a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated engine, minus the consumption and emission.

You can now experience the world-premiere e:HEV technology and the game-changing powertrain in person. Visit the nearest showroom and check out the All-New Honda City RS e:HEV that’s equipped with Honda CONNECT! Stay tuned to Honda to discover more exciting and industry-leading technological advancements that will not only make your lives easier but also cut down your carbon footprint.

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