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Bacteria Begone with Honda’s Car Interior Disinfectant

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With more than 10 benefits, you’re sure to achieve maximum protection for you and your family

When you’re out and about, you’re already using the double-mask method, including wearing face shields to protect yourself. At home, you’re changing into a fresh set of clothes as soon as you re-enter the house. At this point, you’re doing your best to beat the odds of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to your loved ones.

With infection numbers that are on the constant rise, we want to make sure you’re as safe as can be when it comes to protection. If you think you have already gone through the whole nine yards, we’re about to elevate your disinfection game—with Honda’s Car Interior Disinfectant, the best way to sanitise your Honda’s interior.

It’s not your typical surface disinfectant, where some corrosive elements can risk damaging your interiors. Honda’s Car Interior Disinfectant spray is formulated with your Honda’s interior materials in mind, so you can count on the best blend of ingredients that will disinfect the surfaces effectively while remaining safe for all car interior surfaces. The spray is able to protect you and your family from a wide spectrum of harmful microorganisms! With the ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria, along with viruses, fungi and algae, your Honda will be as fresh as a daisy after a round of the Honda’s Car Interior Disinfectant.

Even for those with the most sensitive of sensibilities, Honda’s Car Interior Disinfectant is the right choice for you. The spray is neutral in its pH level, similar to that of the skin so it won’t cause any irritation. On top of that, it is also odourless. This way, it won’t disrupt the car scent you have on deck, or create a displeasing blend with your own perfume. It also keeps you on the safe side, as scent preference is subjective.

As an extra layer of protection, Honda ensures that the Car Interior Disinfectant is totally non-flammable and non-corrosive. Spare yourself the horrific corrosion stain that many car interiors out there suffer from an accidental spritz of a corrosive formula. The non-flammable aspect also ensures that no unwanted accidents will occur, even if the liquid comes in contact with a spark or flame, or even when left under the scorching sun.

For your ease of use, the spray nozzle is an adjustable attachment that will seal in the liquid when it’s not in use. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit heavy-handed when using this for your Honda. While the 500ml bottle is good for mobility, you don’t have to worry about plastic wastage as the bottle itself is refillable. All you have to do is load up on the top-of-the-line formula that’s available in a 5L canister.

To get started on the Honda disinfection journey, head over to Honda Malaysia Official Store on Shopee. Alternatively, you can find the Car Interior Disinfectant at exclusive distributors, which are Honda Malaysia Dealers registered on the Honda Malaysia official website.

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