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Experience the Difference with Honda Insurance Plus

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With 16 benefits for you to reap!

Choosing an insurance package for your beloved Honda is no small task. When so many things are left to chance, you would want to be protected from every possible unwanted scenario. Comparing insurance packages can sometimes feel like you’re comparing apples to oranges, but with Honda Insurance Plus (HiP), it is the most assured way to go to give yourself and your Honda the most comprehensive protection, as it covers these three crucial aspects: Rescue, Protection and Savings.

To all the Honda drivers out there, there are not only one or two reasons, but a whopping 16 reasons why HiP is the sensible option for you and your car. Choosing HiP is an obvious choice, since no one knows your car better than Honda.

Rescue: Help will Come

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where your Honda stalls in the middle of a drive, or your car simply would not start from the get‑go, HiP provides 24/7 Roadside Repair Service, where the attendant will assist you with free services such as jump‑starting the car and changing a flat tire with your spare. While other insurance brands also offer roadside assistance, oftentimes you will find yourself facing a hidden charge to access such services. In cases where you need a battery replacement or a fuel refill, charges will only be applied for the goods, as you will have free labour up to RM200 per event covered by HiP.

If you’re in a much more dire situation—for example, an accident* the 24/7 Towing Assistance is ready to go up to 450km round trip to take your car to the nearest Honda Authorised Body & Paint Centre to get it fixed. Worry not; HiP will also bear the towing cost of up to RM200.

At this juncture, you won’t need to sweat about the paperwork, or the back‑and‑forth. With the Hassle‑free Claim Assistance, a Honda Authorised Dealer will step in to liaise with the insurance company on your behalf. All you have to do is wait, and by the end of that, your car will be returned to you, as good as new.

All these benefits allow you to drive with a peace of mind, now that you know your Honda is in good hands.

Protection: It’s the Best Coverage Provided for a Honda Owner

As much as everyone tries to steer clear of unwanted circumstances, mishaps do happen. If this situation ever befalls you and your car, HiP will be there to ensure that you and your Honda are well taken care of in the subsequent steps.

When your car is taken to the Honda Authorised Body & Paint Centre, trust that any repairs will be made using state‑of‑the‑art equipment to restore your Honda back to its excellent state, with high quality workmanship on both body and paint.

For any body and parts replacement, the utmost attentive care will be given to your Honda cars, as HiP promises its customers 100% Genuine Body and Parts Replacement—even for earlier models! Now you don’t have to live in fear of being scammed or overcharged for parts that might not even suit your car. To alleviate HiP users’ doubt, Honda also adds in an extra layer of warranty that extends to six months or 10,000 km, whichever comes first.

Claims approval with HiP will also be a breeze. For damages RM20,000 and below, your claims will be instantly pre‑approved. This means you will get back on the road with your Honda in no time at all.

Aside from your car, HiP is here to take care of you too! With the Medical Assistance*** service, referrals and appointment arrangements can be delegated to HiP attendants for a minimal fee, should you wish to do so. While you may feel like these are small details that you can take on by yourself, this service is available just in case you find yourself requiring extra assistance to ease your burden.

On top of that, Personal Assistance* is also an option that’s available for HiP users. Depending on the terms and conditions, you can access assistance for returning of children travelling with a HiP member, home assist services, translators, legal matters, location of lost items, alternative travel assistance, and arrangement of flights.

Last but not least for the protection category, HiP provides Personal Accident Coverage** for privately owned cars. Under this coverage, HiP users are entitled to up to RM15,000 in compensation in the event of Accidental Death or Permanent Disability in a Named Vehicle Car accident.

Savings: Where Your Loss is Not at Your Expense

Here’s where you will definitely get a bang for your buck with HiP. And just for an added perk, all these benefits are available even for unnamed drivers!

It’s 100% coverage all around‑in cases such as Auto Theft or Total Loss, HiP users will be granted a 100% Pay‑out* for an agreed value up to 13 years. You’ll also enjoy 100% Coverage on Accidental Repairs for 10 Years*, with No Own Damage Excess clause up to 10 years. Users are also entitled to 100% coverage for cars up to 10 years old, with no betterment contribution.

On top of that, HiP subscribers instantly qualify for these additional allowances*. In case your Honda is damaged by a flood*, owners are entitled an RM1,500 allowance. Besides a Flood Allowance*, HiP users are also granted a Special Relief Allowance* of RM1,500 in the event of car theft or total loss. Both of these allowances aim to ease your financial burdens in those difficult moments.

Finally, HiP users can file a claim for Lost Key Reimbursement, where they can get up to RM1,000 for lost key reimbursement. So if your key is washed away in a flood, or damaged by theft or robbery, HiP is prepared to cover that as well!

In closing, there are multiple ways HiP protects its users, from the biggest of catastrophes, to the minutest mistakes. Convenience is also at the heart of HiP, so you can bet that whenever you are in a bind, HiP is there to ensure that everything is handled as smoothly as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your preferred Honda Authorised Dealer to get on the HiP train! Still on the fence about HiP? Hear it straight from the customers who experienced the difference with HiP!

If you’re not a Honda owner yet, pre‑book your preferred Honda today with the New Car Pre‑Booking website or the HondaTouch app.



*Terms and Conditions apply.

**Applicable for private car for private use.

***Minimal fee applies.