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Straight from the People Who Experienced the Difference with Honda Insurance Plus

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Malaysians share why they keep coming back to Honda Insurance Plus

Right after you make one of the happiest purchases of your life, which is your Honda, the next step is to get it insured. You know it can’t be just any insurance, it has to be the right one. For Honda owners, both new and existing, Honda Insurance Plus (HiP) is one of the best options out there to protect your new Honda vehicle. This exclusive offer provides not only protection but also emergency services and savings benefits.

One of the biggest advantages of using HiP is its guaranteed hassle-free claim assistance. In the event of a misadventure, the absolute last thing you want is to be placed in a precarious situation. With HiP, concerns like these are a thing of the past, as HiP offers various benefits ranging from 24/7 Towing Assistance, 24/7 Roadside Repair Services, Lost Key Reimbursement, and even 100% betterment coverage for Honda cars that are up to 10 years old!

There are 16—that’s right, 16—other reasons you should sign up for HiP. When it comes to body and paint workmanship, HiP will ensure that you will have access to the best in service, where they use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your car is in tiptop condition.

One of the advantages of HiP is that the policy covers 100% payout for cases such as theft and total loss. This means that should your Honda ever be deemed irreparable, HiP will reimburse 100% of the indicated insured value. However, if restorative work is possible, HiP will have your car ready faster with pre-approved claims when damages are assessed to be below RM 20,000. To top it all off, HiP also provides additional services such as personal accident coverage, medical coverage, and special relief allowances.

The coverage provided by HiP is all-inclusive and wide-ranging for Honda owners. As recently as last year, HiP enhanced the savings benefit to better ease a member’s financial burden. Before the update, the 100% insurance payout* of a stolen or severely damaged car stretched over ten years. Now, the perk is upgraded to 13 years for all members.

Let’s hear what our customers say about HiP.

How did you learn about HiP?

Wan Zhafirah (WZ):

I learned about HiP when I made a car purchase with Honda. The Sales Advisor suggested it, and I thought, ‘Why not?’ It’s been two years since I first subscribed to HiP, and I think it’s super convenient.

Eileen Hon (EH):

The Sales Advisors at the Honda Authorised Dealership I frequented were very helpful in guiding me to purchase HiP when I bought my new Honda.

What made you switch over to HiP?

Salahuddin (S):

I made the decision upon hearing about the benefits from the Sales Advisor. I was ecstatic to hear about the roadside assistance.

Suhaimi Fajri (SF):

When I got my Honda, I didn’t even consider other options for insurance. It made sense for me to just get my insurance from HiP.

How is HiP different from other insurance providers, and what were the deciding factors?


I find the benefits provided by HiP were very attractive, and that it was easy for claims too.

Zulkarnain (Z):

It feels better than other insurers comparatively.


Convenience is a priority for us, and we are willing to pay for it.

How did you renew your HiP, and how was your experience with the renewal process?


I was not in Kuching at that time so my dad renewed my insurance for me at Honda. I remembered the advice that the Sales Advisor told me before to renew with Honda.


I simply made a call to my Honda dealer to renew my road tax and insurance. The transaction was smooth and swift.

As car owners, what are some of your worst nightmares, and how does HiP help you in easing them?


My biggest fear is the car breaking down in the middle of the road, but HiP offers roadside assistance for moments like that.


My worst nightmare is when the insurance company rejects a claim. But with HiP, I’ve never experienced insurance claim rejection. In fact, my claims process went smoothly, and my car was returned to me in two weeks’ time.

Have you used HiP roadside assistance before? What was the experience like?


Yes, I have had experience using HiP roadside assistance before. I was thrilled with the service provided. When my car broke down, my friends warned me of the inconveniences that could follow. But with HiP, everything was handled smoothly.


No, but I almost did. I got into an accident, but since my car could still move, I called the HiP Hotline for consultation, and when they agreed with my decision to take myself to a Honda Authorized Service Centre, I went on my way.

Have you ever made a claim from HiP? How did it go?


Yes. I was so surprised by the swift service. I got my car back as perfect as new in a matter of days after the accident. Maybe that is also thanks to my Sales Advisor who was handling the matter all the way, from calling the insurance to getting the forms filled and also telling me my car is ready. My previous insurance took months before I could drive my car again.


Yes, it was a smooth process. The manager was very helpful in updating me with every detail. I imagined it would take me about three months or so with other insurance providers, but I got my car back after about a month and a half or so.


Yes. When I made the claim, it took only about a couple of days for it to be approved. Once everything was done, I got my car back in a matter of 10 days.


Yes. That was my first experience making a claim. People have had horror stories about the length that you’ll be without a car, but in just a matter of two weeks, I got my car back and it was as good as new! Every Honda personnel involved in the ordeal was thorough when explaining the details to me.


Yes. Everything was easy from the get-go. There was no need for me to fork out extra money for them to process my claim. After that, it only took two weeks for me to get my car back. I’m very happy with the work that they’ve done.

Since Honda strictly uses original parts for repairs, are you happy with the level of coverage that HiP offers with regards to that?


I am delighted by the coverage provided. I feel secure in knowing that each replacement is guaranteed to be authentic.


I’m very happy. There was no problem, and I find it affordable. The Honda personnel were meticulous and will replace any parts with the minutest of defects.


I’m happy and it puts me at ease knowing that every time, they will only use original parts.


It makes me feel safe because I am paying for quality, so I expect it to be only original Honda parts.


As a Honda owner, it is reassuring that only original parts are used for my repairs, as we are expecting an exceptional quality for the price we pay.

In your opinion, what’s the one thing that HiP does best?


HiP can provide the best service when needed at a moment’s notice.


In my opinion, HiP is the best at assisting the person in trouble. From the registration to the claim, I remain informed of every step of the process.


From my experience, it was the fast approval of claims. After hearing others’ claim stories, I was prepared for the worst. But my car was returned to me in just a matter of two weeks, much to my surprise.


From my experience, I feel that their customer service is the best. I was so happy with my speedy insurance claim.


It’s definitely the insurance coverage. There’s a lot that HiP covers.

Why would you recommend HiP to other Honda owners?


I would recommend it to other Honda owners since HiP personnel are very customer-friendly and were able to quickly help me when I had an emergency.


If they use a Honda, they might as well get the HiP! It makes things a lot easier.


For those who are looking to change their insurance providers, I’m more than happy to introduce them to HiP. I would want them to enjoy the same benefits as I do.


HiP has everything handled for me during my difficult times, and I’m happy for that. I definitely would recommend HiP to friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the most comprehensive insurance plan that you and your Honda deserve! All you have to do is contact your preferred Honda Authorised Dealership to experience what HiP has to offer, or learn more about the exclusive benefits here.

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