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Let Honda SENSING Do All the Constant Road Analysis for You!

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Lean back, relax, and enjoy the drive

Picture a world where road casualties and pedestrian accidents are a thing of the past. That is the world that Honda aims to bring to society. To achieve that, Honda introduces Honda SENSING, a technology that will keep everyone on the road safe.

The integration is a driver‑assistive technology which acts as a sentinel, where it will keep a constant check of the surrounding to protect you and other road users from unwanted occurrences, so you can enjoy the drive without having to sweat all the little details.

Honda SENSING hosts a total of eight assistive aspects: the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), the Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS), the Road Departure Mitigation (RDM), the Lane Departure Warning, the Forward Collision Warning, the Low Speed Follow feature, and the Auto High Beam.

For starters, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low‑Speed Follow will be a blessing on the road, especially on congested highways. This first feature will help you maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front of your Honda. It works by constantly measuring the distance and speed gap between your car and the one ahead through the millimetre‑wave radar and monocular camera. After that, the ACC kicks in by controlling your Honda’s acceleration and brakes in a measured way. The best part? Your Honda can be in full motion, or at a standstill; the Adaptive Cruise Control is always engaged for the safest drive.

The Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) also works with the millimetre‑wave radar and monocular camera, but this time, the feature is used to mitigate further damage in the case of unavoidable collision. If the two pieces of technology detect a risk of collision (be it with another car, or a pedestrian, or even an object), you will be given several sensorial warnings—such as the vibrating of the gas pedal and steering wheel, and a gentle seat belt retraction. That way, you will realise the situation without getting overwhelmed with panic. However, as the two cars get closer, the Honda SENSING will ensure that a measured amount of braking is applied in order to diminish any risk of further damage.

Next, Honda SENSING also comes with the Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS). This system works in a way that it will reduce driver’s fatigue. With so many things to process while being on the road, the LKAS takes some weight off your shoulder: keeping your Honda in the middle of the lane. Know that the LKAS will always be there to reel you back in, just in case you need it. Here, the monocular camera plays the major role, where it recognises solid and broken lines for guidance. Should you ever stray from the lane, the steering wheel will start vibrating, and the steering assist will kick in.

For anxious drivers, the Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) will make all the difference. To ensure the best driving experience, this feature stops your car from accidentally veering off the road. Beyond 60kmh, the system is triggered to provide you with three types of assistance, depending on the severity of the circumstances. If the system determines that your car is likely to stray from the detected lane, you will be given a visual warning on the display panel, and the steering wheel will vibrate. And if the car ever leaves the lane, the steering wheel will vibrate repeatedly within 1.5 seconds, alerting you. All these small but meaningful warnings will allow you to apply corrective measures in time. When on the road, quick and smart decision making can mean safety or danger.

After these four major road assistance capacities, Honda SENSING also comes with a few more features to maximise safety for everyone.

Unlike the Road Departure Mitigation, the Lane Departure Warning is there to ensure that your Honda does not accidentally go into another driving lane. The steering wheel will vibrate to alert you to correct your driving path. This will also kick to the curb any habits of switching lanes without using the turn signal.

The Forward Collision Warning, on the other hand, measures any risk of collision with the car ahead, and alerts the driver through audio and visual alerts.

As for the Low Speed Follow feature, it works hand in hand with the Adaptive Cruise Control to provide you with a reactive, yet intelligent combination of light acceleration and braking, so your Honda is one with the flow of traffic.

Finally, the Auto High Beam element allows you to navigate the dark of the night with headlights that automatically switch from high beam to low beam in different situations. So, if there are approaching cars on the road, the car will adapt and switch into the low beam light setting. Small integrations like these could result in a better driving experience for all drivers on the road.

Honda SENSING is clearly the best for both the veterans and amateurs of the road, providing safety measures for not only the driver but also other commuters, be it other drivers on the road, and even the pedestrians. So, check out all the Honda models that feature the Honda SENSING and pre‑book now for a safer (and more enjoyable) journey on the road!

Honda SENSING is available to these models: the Honda CR‑V, the Honda Accord, the Honda Civic, the Honda City RS (except the Low Speed Follow feature), and the Honda Odyssey (except the Low Speed Follow and the Auto High Beam features).

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