Honda DNA March 18th, 2021

It’s Security. It’s Convenience. It’s the Next Step in Honda Advanced Technology with Honda CONNECT

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Get to know the ‘why’ behind Honda CONNECT, straight from Yasuhiro Kawano, the man who led the project himself.

Born out of the mission to continuously provide better and more comprehensive services, Honda CONNECT is a testament to what the marriage between safety, security and convenience can achieve.

With key features like the Automatic Collision Detection (where the vehicle will automatically call for help upon collision) and Geo-Fencing Alert (where an owner can be notified when the car is exiting set parameters), customers can expect enhanced reliability, all at a tap of their phone screens. Proudly speaking on the innovative tool is project leader Yasuhiro Kawano, who sees great importance when it comes to staying on the cutting edge.



Tell us something about yourself.

Yasuhiro Kawano (YK):
My name is Yasuhiro Kawano. I’m 39 years old and I work in Honda’s Automobile Product Planning Strategy. I’ve been working at Honda for over 17 years.

How does it feel to be selected as the LPL for Honda CONNECT?

I feel honoured because Honda CONNECT can be such a helpful tool to many people. This would mean changing the ways of how we use our cars in the future — not just as a transportation vehicle, but something personal between owners and their cars.

Were there any Honda Philosophies that guided you during Honda CONNECT’s development and what does it mean to you?

I personally found that “Respect for the Individual”, which consists of Initiative, Equality and Trust were reflected during the process of developing Honda CONNECT. I also believed in “The Three Joys”, where the Joy of Buying, the Joy of Selling, and the Joy of Creating guided Honda CONNECT’s development. To me, it is essential for Honda to continue to be trusted by customers. I feel a great job satisfaction that I can contribute to the happiness of customers in my development of Honda CONNECT.



What is Honda CONNECT and why should people use it?

I believe that Honda CONNECT will provide customers with a greater sense of security and convenience with their Honda cars, and will be one of the important features for customers to take into consideration when making a purchasing decision.

What was Honda trying to achieve with the development of Honda CONNECT? Briefly share with us the inspiration behind its development.

One of the thoughts that we had was that while cars can be expensive products, but they can also have a great impact on the lives of the owners. In the development stage, the Honda CONNECT team discussed how we can contribute to the happiness of our customers’ daily lives through Honda CONNECT.



In your opinion, what are the best/main features of Honda CONNECT that customers will enjoy?

Personally, I believe that Automatic Collision Detection and Security Alarm Detection are two functions that can improve the customer’s quality of life with their Honda car. However, in the future, I’d like to expand its development and continue to evolve Honda CONNECT to bring more offerings for safety, security, and convenience to the customers.



Honda CONNECT uses telematic technology – how important is this for customers?

The difference from conventional cars is that the Tele Communication Unit (TCU) is installed in the car, so that the customer’s car condition and driving situation can be monitored in real time. With this vital information, we can provide any necessary assistance and support the customers’ journey more than ever before.

How is Honda CONNECT different from other competitors who utilize telematic technology as well?

Honda CONNECT comes with the complete features of safety, security, and convenience in comparison to other competitors. If you look at what Honda CONNECT can do, it does not only provide basic safety or security functions, but it can also provide daily convenience function such as Remote Vehicle Control. For example, with Remote Vehicle Control, customers can switch on their Honda car’s air conditioning before they even step into the car.

Which Honda model will come equipped with Honda CONNECT?

For now, the Honda City RS e:HEV is the only B-Segment vehicle that comes with Honda CONNECT. However, be rest assured that we plan to expand it in the future, so please look forward to it.



How can Honda CONNECT transform and improve the customers’ daily lifestyles? And how would the driving experience be in future with Honda CONNECT?

By eliminating some of the concerns you have when driving, Honda CONNECT can provide the joy of expanding people’s life potential by seamlessly connecting movement and daily life. With some of Honda CONNECT’s features such as Find My Car or Emergency Call, Honda’s supporting teams will be able to provide more support anytime and anywhere for each customer’s needs. In the future, we would like to continue evolving so that we can provide a more convenient future for Honda customers.

Lastly, do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of With Dreams magazine regarding Honda CONNECT?


To all of Honda’s With Dreams readers, Honda will continuously strive to provide new possibilities to our customers, not only through the cars themselves, but also through Honda’s very own mobile application. Please look forward to the future development of Honda products.