Experiences January 15th, 2021

These Products Can Protect You Through Rain, Shine, and Even Against Crime

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Enjoy 3 kinds of genuine protection for your wheels, window and body with Honda Protection Package

Part of the fun when you purchase a car is getting additional accessories to make it look and perform better. That’s where the Honda Protection Package comes in. It offers customers three different products in a single package to suit their needs, whether it is to prevent wheel theft, repel water on your windscreen or give your car a shiny finish.

The Wheel Lock Nut has four lock nuts with a unique key pattern that is computer generated to ensure every package sold is safe and meant only for the buyer’s car wheels. They lock your tires in, preventing wheel theft, as the Wheel Lock Nut key is safely stored by its owner.

Meanwhile, Honda’s Ultra Window Coating ensures that the driver has perfect visibility when driving, even during a heavy downpour. Once applied, the car windscreen is highly water repellent, and it is long lasting.

The final exterior touch to a car is a glossy, new finish and the Ultra Glass Body Coating does just that. It maintains shine so there is no need for weekly polishing or waxing. Plus, it gives the car protection against UV rays, dust and acid rain for up to three years.

We gathered the thoughts of some Honda customers who have purchased Honda’s Protection Package, and these are their satisfied answers.

Why did you choose this package?

Selvanithee A/P Nadhson (SN):
I chose this package because I found it to be affordable and reasonable for the price that I paid, because I’ve always thought highly about Honda. This Honda is my dream car anyway, and the package was something I could afford and it was value for money.

Are you satisfied with the overall package?
Yes I am!
Mohd Alias (MA):
I’m very satisfied with the Protection Package, especially the Ultra Window and
Body Coating.

Why did you choose to get this package directly from Honda?
Because Honda is a reliable brand, and they have been in the industry for many years.

How has the Honda Protection Package made a difference in your car maintenance and driving experience?
I don’t feel the heat so much from the sun due to the exterior coating, especially when the car has been sitting outside. As a female driver, I feel that this is what we want.
The window coating has been very good – I only need to turn on my wipers when the rain is very heavy. The exterior of my car also stays cleaner for a long time, thanks to the body coating.

Would you purchase other Honda Genuine Parts in the future?
Yes, I would.
Before I bought the Accord, I owned an SUV from another brand. I had body coating done by a third party, and it wasn’t as good as Honda’s.

Would you recommend other Honda owners to purchase a Honda Protection Package?
Definitely, in fact, I’ve already recommended it to my friends and family. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this interview.