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Park Like a Pro with the Honda Recommended Advanced 360° HD Camera

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Your parking experience is about to get a lot smoother.

It’s 2021; say goodbye to multiple frustrating parking attempts! Honda Recommended Advanced 360° HD Camera is the way to go for an effortless and stress-free parking experience. Gone are the days of feeling the pressure of all eyes in the parking lot, judging your every steering wheel turn. Available for the Honda HR-V** and the V‑variant of the Honda BR-V in Pre-fitted Casing, you no longer have to sweat these situations, as Honda offers a 360-degree parking camera that will get you out of every tight situation. This will prove especially useful when you are parking in a poorly-lit area—like a basement—and even in crowded parking spaces, which is the norm in most metropolitan parking lots.

In order to give you the best, unobstructed view of your surroundings, the cameras are strategically placed on your car. With a total of four cameras, each located at the front, rear, left and right-wing mirror, these quadruplets will keep an eye out for any edges or objects that the human eye might miss. You can now rest easy knowing that Honda has it down to a science as it couples that with the High-Definition Camera quality to make blind spots history.

Third-party cameras on cars may not be the most futuristic integration today. A conventional parking camera may only afford you a view that is either top down, or a single side view. However, with the Honda Recommended Advanced 360° HD Camera, you get the full scoop. Once you experience the Bird’s Eye View Monitoring, you can never go back.

Its High-Definition capacity is not the only thing to get excited about; the camera is equipped for Clear Night Vision, further enhancing your safety needs. Now, even the night’s darkness cannot obscure your vision. Don’t forget to say hello to 3D Panoramic View, which allows you to give your surroundings a good look before you hit the gas pedal, as strategically placed cameras work together to unlock a brand new dimension.

For those who are looking to upgrade, this camera can easily be integrated into your current ride for only RM3,300. Every installation of Honda Recommended Advanced 360° HD Camera comes with a three-year warranty* or 100,000 km mileage*, whichever comes first. The installation is available for selected Honda models and it won’t affect your car warranty as it is done by a Honda Authorised Dealer.

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*Subject to Honda Authorised Supplier’s Terms and Conditions.

**Applicable for HR-V Model Year 2019, 2020 & 2021.