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In a League of Its Own: The Honda Civic Type R

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7 facts every Honda fan should know about the Honda Civic Type R


The Honda Civic Type R is one of the hottest, most sought-after model from Honda. It was created to be an affordable sports model for Honda enthusiasts. By definition, each creation under the Type R flag must instill a sense of excitement for the driver. The fifth generation Honda Civic Type R was developed for world-class speed and successfully smashed the record for the fastest front-wheel drive car at Nürburgring—beating a previous record by at least five seconds! But that is not all this car has to offer. The Honda Civic Type R offers control, safety, comfort and design at the highest standards to match the speed.

The Philosophy of Joy

Though the car achieved great recognition, giving the car a sporty flourish wasn’t Honda’s singular goal. Type R models are always designed to go beyond that. Drivers must experience genuine joy when they are driving, from the moment they hop into the car, until the engine is turned off. To achieve the desired effect, engineers went the extra mile to make significant enhancements to the sixth generation Honda Civic Type R.

Similar to its predecessor, the model is powered by a 2.0L V-TEC Turbo engine. However, the latest version features a notably increased output, from 310PS to 320PS. The increment is due to the increased exhaust flow and reviewed engine setting. A 10PS difference may not sound like much, but thanks to the increase in torque, the top speed is now higher, and it takes less time to get there. Coupled with the lower ratio gearbox and a lightened flywheel, the car executes exceptional acceleration. Countless tests were done on public roads and the highway. For the ultimate test of this model, the team took to Nürburgring’s Nordschleife. The result was astounding. The new Honda Civic Type R bested its predecessor’s record.

The Wonders of Aerodynamics

Before the car morphed into the wonderful creation that it is today, engineers gave a lot of thought to how they could enhance the airflow around the car. Each component was given thorough thought and was designed for a purpose, to the point that every nook and corner of the car is intentional. One such implementation is found in the front bumper. It features slits on each corner, allowing air to pass through the inner fender, smoothing the airflow for the front tyre. The area is prone to turbulence, and this design allows the car to achieve less drag, or a better drag coefficient (Cd). The Honda Civic Type-R has a negative lift coefficient (CL). In order to minimise air resistance, the base model’s rear end of the roof is redesigned, maximising the effect of the rear wing. As a result, it generates enough downforce so the car achieves better stability as it speeds on the road. To fine tune all these moving parts, the engineers used moving belt wind tunnels to achieve the aerodynamics they strived for.

The Only One with the Red ‘H’

Unique only to the Honda Civic Type R is the iconic red H badge, an emblem that is synonymous with Honda’s Racing Spirit and ‘Fun to Drive’ DNA. It is only available to cars that have a connection to the racing world. Drivers everywhere can attest to this quality that there is a certain distinct buzz that can only be experienced by getting behind the wheels of a Honda Civic Type R. The car is made to emanate exclusivity. As a testament to that status, each unit is crafted with its own special serial number plate that’s placed strategically on the centre console.

The Thunderous Roar of the Honda Civic Type R

The signature reverberating roar of a Honda Civic Type R is the work of masterful sports sound engineers. The powerful sound that gives a rousing exhilaration to many racing types out there is subdued when at cruising speed, using optimally positioned sound insulation and damping materials, and a well-tuned exhaust silencer. Even the engine mounts play a role here, suppressing unwanted vibrations and noise. The lighter flywheel causes engine rev and noise volumes to change, but this is countered by elevating the exhaust sound over the new rev range, ultimately creating a more harmonious sound.

You’re in Full Control

Whether you’re taking the car for a spin on the racetrack or the road, know that much care and attention has been given to the steering wheel. Power alone isn’t going to win you races at the tracks; great handling matters as well, and this applies to your day-to-day driving too. The developers pursued the Ultimate Direct Steering for the Honda Civic Type R, therefore giving unfiltered feedback to achieve the best steering performance. Each point in the steering system needed to have the rigidity balanced to a tee. On top of the Sports and +R modes, the Honda Civic Type R introduces an additional Comfort driving mode, allowing you to enjoy comfortable cruising capabilities when you’re not pushing the car to its limits. The steering wheel grip has also been taken into consideration during the design process and tested on full-scale models built with the help of the design department. With the elevated power steer assistance, it’s as though the Honda Civic Type R flows at your will. That’s not all—the design of the steering wheel ensures that the ring and small fingers will have a secure, firm grip to give you maximum control of the vehicle.

The Type R’s Transmission

Moving on to the transmission, where engineers meticulously designed the rev match control system so that even the most novice of drivers can feel the joy of the drive, as manual transmission can be a bit of a learning curve for some. The system helps to match the rev so that you’re always in the position to move up or down a gear without a hitch. Driving with a manual transmission has its own perks, most notably the ability to have more control over how the car moves. However, with the rev match control system activated, drivers get to experience a solid gear shift, clutch feel, and a smooth engine sound.

Elevating Confidence in Braking

As the Honda Civic Type R reaches a new top speed, the braking system is enhanced to balance the driving experience, inspiring confidence within the driver. Conventionally, one might think of the braking system only as a method of slowing down a vehicle. The Honda Civic Type R, which comes with Helical LSD coupled with Agile Handling Assistance, increases traction performance whilst stabilising the car for better cornering performance. This gives the driver confidence by improving control in each stage of braking. When turning in, a little amount of oil pressure is left in the brake lines to maintain load in the front of the car. When you’re ready to accelerate, the brakes provide an LSD effect that will assist in getting the car stably out of the corner fast, with minimal loss of torque.

There you have it, seven facts on the Honda Civic Type R that makes it the covetable model it is today. From its inimitable aerodynamics to the thunderous roar of the car, each aspect of the vehicle is given considerable thought, and the peerless Honda Civic Type R will long remain in the hearts of many Honda enthusiasts.



Left-hand drive model shown.

Actual model, features and specifications may vary in detail from image shown. Subject to change without prior notice.

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