Innovative safety, security and convenience is yours with Honda CONNECT – advanced smart technology that turns your car into an intelligent vehicle that’s always accessible from your smartphone.


Want a car with safety technology that’s straight out of a sci-fi movie? With Honda CONNECT, you get a car that automatically lets you know whenever there’s a safety concern. All on its own.
  • Automatic Collision
    With Honda CONNECT, your car can automatically detect collisions and call for help. This ensures that you’ll receive timely assistance whenever it’s required.
  • Security Alarm Detection
    With Honda CONNECT, your car automatically sends an alert when the security alarm is triggered by trespassers, so you’ll have the upper hand. Even when you’re far away.
  • Speed Alert
    Is someone in your family borrowing your car? Honda CONNECT allows you to intuitively set a speed alert, and automatically notifies you if they exceed it – allowing you to always keep an eye on them.


Honda CONNECT enhances the security of your car with advanced technology that helps you keep track of its latest location at all times.
  • Find My Car
    Need to locate your car? With advanced connectivity made possible by Honda CONNECT, you can now easily find your car, wherever it may be. Even if it's far away from its last known location.
  • Geo-fencing Alert
    With Honda CONNECT’s geo-location technology, you can set zones with various parameters around your car and receive alerts whenever your car enters or exits them. This ensures that no one can drive your car away without your consent.
  • Emergency Call
    Honda CONNECT also makes it easier for you to access emergency contacts with just a tap, giving you a helping hand in any kind of emergency on the road.


With Honda CONNECT, your car can now be checked on and controlled remotely. All conveniently from your smartphone.
  • Car Status
    Diagnostic Support
    Fuel, Battery, Locks, Airbag
    You will automatically receive alerts if the ABS, Supplemental Restraint System, Brake System, Engine Malfunction, Charging System, VSA, Electric Power Steering System, LKAS, ACC, Safety Support or Power System indicator lamp is on and requires your attention. You will also be able to remotely check on car fuel, battery, lock and airbag status.
  • Remote Vehicle Control
    Remote Engine Start & Stop
    Remote Air
    Conditioner Control
    Remote Lock & Unlock
    Remote Light Control
    Start the engine, cool it down, lock it or switch on the lights: You can now do it all with just a quick tap on your smartphone.
  • Service Reminder
    Even the best of us forget sometimes. But Honda CONNECT has the technology to automatically remind you when maintenance is due. So you can schedule an appointment right away.


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