Event Coverage April 26th, 2021

Make Your Driving Dream A Reality

7 mins read

You’ll have a wheel-y good time at Honda’s Drive Your Dreams Roadshow.

It’s the event everyone has been looking forward to all year, where you can see your dream Honda car up close and personal. Honda’s Drive Your Dreams Roadshow has revved its engines and has gone on the road to bring to you the driving experience you’ve been waiting for.

With the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) set in place until April 2021, Honda always prioritises safety first and has put in place stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a clean and fun environment. You will still get the ultimate Honda experience at the roadshow, while staying safe and healthy at all times.



Everyone’s temperatures will be checked before entering the event space and hand sanitisers are provided for disinfection at the entrance. Those attending will be required to wear a face mask and gloves and, should they forget, fret not, extras will be available. Check-ins will be conducted hands-free with a QR code and there will be 1 metre social distancing measures put in place.

Upon entry and viewing of cars at the roadshow, customers need not fear because vehicles and facilities at the roadshow will be sanitised at a minimum of 3 times daily. Should you require additional assistance or have further enquiries about your favourite Honda, be rest assured that the Honda sales advisors will practice social distancing of 1 metre during the event so there will be no contact or close proximity allowed.



Honda’s cars will be safe to test drive as there are SOPs in place to maximise your driving experience while keeping safe at the same time. Before you get to drive your dream Honda, drivers will have to sanitise their hands and wear a pair of disposable gloves that will be provided before the session begins. Every vehicle will be sanitised after each test drive as well.



It’s not just cars that will be at the roadshow, there are plenty of exciting activities to entertain. Kids can try their hand at a sand art booth and bring their masterpieces home, while those who enjoy interactive games can test their ability for control and speed at the V-Tech Turbo Game tower.



When you are satisfied with your time at the roadshow and want to leave, hand sanitisers will be provided at the exit so you can keep clean and bins will be provided to dispose of gloves. With these measures being put in place, you will have the peace of mind that your safety is guaranteed during your visit to the roadshow.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Drive Your Dreams Roadshow to test drive the Honda of your dreams! There will be fun activities and prizes awaiting you too.

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