Honda DNA December 31st, 2020

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve With Honda Official Merchandise

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Be a proud member of the Honda Family

Why do people love wearing tees with their favourite brand emblazoned across them? Comfort is a reason especially if you like working out in sports jerseys, but for some, their favourite brands represent their style and showcase their individuality. Honda Malaysia’s collection of official merchandise isn’t just comfortable and functional, it is also stylish and makes the wearer stand out in a crowd.

Representing ‘Trust, Equality and Individuality’, the range of items are inspired by the Honda Philosophy. In the collection are 21 practical and stylish items in four different collections, aimed at extending Honda’s brand affection by being a part of your daily life – be it when you’re heading for a jog, packing for a flight or running errands around
the city.

First up, there’s the Corporate Collection. This range features smart casual clothing – an essential in the wardrobe of most working adults. Polo shirts for him and her offer the ultimate style and comfort, so you don’t have to worry about running into your client while out on a Sunday brunch.

Next, the Lifestyle Collection goes beyond the usual caps and T-shirts. The range includes an attractive reversible bomber jacket, for him and her, along with a handy crossbody bag to store your keys, wallet, parking ticket and mobile phone – keeping your pants pockets nice and slim. The bag is also extremely useful to store your small laptop and water bottle, perfect for days when you’re out and about. Honda Malaysia also has you covered during rainy days, with a 30’’ umbrella that comes with a water-activated ‘TEI’ fine print, which emerges like a sweet surprise when it comes in contact with water.

Fitness enthusiasts will be glad to know that Honda Malaysia has your back with their Activewear Collection. The reflective T-shirts are ideal for joggers, providing high visibility especially at night for those after-work hash runs with your buddies down at the sports and recreational club. Additionally, hikers would be glad to have this as an option, so you look stylish and also be visible in the early hours of dawn. The newly launched sports hijab ensures Honda Malaysia’s official merchandise is meant for everyone.

Last but not least, the new Travel Collection offers everything you need for your jet-setting lifestyle. The cabin-size luggage bag comes with an attachable backpack. Alternatively, if you’re looking for some lightweight travel while exploring a new destination, simply detach the practical backpack and use it to store your essentials. There is a mini travel pouch that keeps your phone cables organised and a collapsible, environmentally-friendly water bottle to beat the heat.

For more information about Honda Malaysia’s official merchandise that’s stylish and practical, click here. Honda Malaysia’s official merchandise is also available to purchase via Shopee.