• Reflective Film

    Door panels with built-in reflective films for extra visibility and safety for other road users.

    RM 197.00
  • Illuminated Side Step

    Illuminate your Civic floor with a bolder shine.

    RM 830.00
  • Trunk Tray

    Contain all your essentials neatly in this Trunk Tray that fits your boot snugly. No more spillage onto your carpet.

    RM 290.00
  • Foot Light

    Glow from within with the personalised Foot Light.

    Available for E and V variants only.
    RM 680.00
  • Sun Shade

    Designed fit to window frame, sun shade provide extra privacy to passengers.

    RM 450.00
  • Sports Pedal

    Feel the thrill of a race car with the Sports Pedal.

    Available for E and V variants only.
    RM 470.00
  • Trunk Organiser

    Keep your boot space neat and in order with this Trunk Organiser

    RM 92.00
  • Digital Video Recorder (Front & Rear DVR)

    Record videos of any on-road situation that could be useful for future use.

    RM 1,149.00

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