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Ecotint Ray Barrier is manufactured by Sumitomo Osaka Cement (SOC) Co. Ltd. (Japan) Advanced Material Division, one of the world’s most advanced Nano-technology in material sciences that utilizes building blocks smaller than the size of microscopic particles. This technology enables SOC to create extremely capable and high-performance products to the most exact and demanding specifications.

Window Tint Film Terminology

Visible Light Reflection (VLR)
It measures the light reflectance. The higher the percentage, the film rejects higher light visibilities.
Visible Light Transmitted (VLT)
The lower the percentage of the VLT, the darker the film.
Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)
A way to measure heat rejection and the effectiveness of energy saving. A higher percentage allows lesser solar heat energy to be transmitted by the glass.
UV Rejection (UVR)
UVR causes skin cancer, discolouration of window film and fading of leather. Most films reject up to 99% UVR.
Ecotint Ray Barrier rejects as much as 99.5% of both harmful UV-A and UV-B rays to protect you and extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s interior furnishing. The Nano-particle in Ecotint Ray Barrier is the same key ingredient for PA++++ protection in world class cosmetics.

2. Long-Lasting Performance

Ecotint Ray Barrier uses non-organic nanoparticles that enhances its overall performance and lifespan. Unlike conventional organic-based window films that gradually lose effectiveness in heat and UV shielding, the ultra UV shielding property of Ecotint Ray Barrier effectively rejects UV without compromising its quality.
Energy Saving
The advanced Nano-technology has effective heat shielding property to help reduce energy consumption of air-conditioning via effective heat dispersion.
Shielded From Harmful Rays
No matter how harsh it may be, Ecotint Ray Barrier will protect you from the hottest and driest of weathers and keep you comfortable at all times
Ecotint Ray Barrier Window Tint
Provide a 5-year manufacturing warranty.
JPJ Compliant
Ecotint Ray Barrier is manufactured with a non-compromising and high quality standard that exhibits optimum optical clarity for safe and on-road regulation compliant advantages. Hence, providing peace of mind for all drivers.
Long Lasting Performance
The high quality performance Ecotint Ray Barrier compliments the advanced Nano-technology to enhance durability while maintaining performance for a long time.

3. Ray Barrier Series Package

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