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Honda Genuine Wiper Blades

The Honda Genuine Wiper Blades, with its individual rubber form has a superior design for optimum glass cleaning. The wiper rubber will adapt its shape to the windshield, ensuring clear and comfortable road view even on rainy weather condition.

"Wiper rubber assy" is the complete replacement part, which includes wiper blade rubber and metal rail.

Note: Wiper blade rubber is a single part.

Advantages of Honda Genuine Wiper Blades

Honda Genuine Wiper Blades are built specifically for your vehicle’s windshield. Read on to know how and why Honda Genuine Wiper Blades can better ensure your safety during storms.
Improved blade shape for higher wiping ability

The contact point of the Honda Genuine Wiper is cut to a sharp angle, providing superior cleaning efficiency compared to other commercial wiper, where contact point uses a rounded angle.
Customised shape allows easier installation

Honda customises the wiper for all Honda cars, designing it to fit each model. This feature not only prevents wiper detachment during high-speed traveling, it is also easier to install and replace without special tools.
Better endurance with special natural rubber

Honda genuine wiper uses 100% specially formulated natural rubber, which is more flexible compared to the harder synthetic rubber. The tougher and sharper edges not only produce a cleaner wipe but also extends blade life.
Blade curvature matches each Honda windshield model hence giving a high wiping ability

Honda genuine wiper's arm railing follows the curvature of each Honda model. It is able to conform accordingly to windshields, ensuring a smoother wiping while maintaining superior cleaning efficiency throughout all Honda cars.

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