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Honda Genuine Long-Life Coolant

Specially designed for Honda's aluminium engines, the Honda Genuine Long-Life Coolant offers protection against rust and corrosion in the radiator and engine, whilst keeping engine temperatures stable.

Advantages of Honda Genuine Long-Life Coolant

Specially designed for Honda aluminium engine.
Contains a special "organic corrosion inhibitor" instead of silicate.
Excellent corrosion protection for aluminium heat-rejecting components.
No possibility of silicate gelling which causes radiator plugging and overheating.

Why Change Coolant Regularly

It's important to change your coolant regularly as even Genuine Long-Life Coolant loses its effectiveness over time. The easiest way to do this is to visit your Honda Authorised Dealer and let a trained technician change your coolant.

Effects of Using Non-Genuine Coolant

Water pump – With use of Honda Long-Life Coolant
Water pump – Without use of Honda Long-Life Coolant
Using a non-genuine coolant may cause corrosion in the cooling systems and gradually block it, thus damaging the engine. Always insist on Honda Genuine Long-Life Coolant.

A clean fuel injector delivers the correct spray pattern that is essential for clean, efficient combustion.

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