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Terms & Procedures

Under 'Malaysia My Second Home' (MM2H), participants may purchase a new locally assembled car while enjoying an exemption on excise duty and sales tax. If you are a foreigner participating in MM2H, Honda Malaysia invites you to take advantage of this benefit when purchasing your new Honda.

Please read through these Terms & Conditions and Procedures to apply for your Honda car under MM2H.

  • step
    Visit a Honda authorised dealer to place your booking. Bring along documents (1), (2) and (4). Upon booking, the dealer will provide the booking form (3).
  • step
    Submit documents (1), (2), (3) and (5) to apply for exemption of tax and duty to the Ministry of Finance (MOF). MOF will provide the offer letter (6) to you once approved.
  • step
    Submit the offer letter (6) from MOF to the dealer for them to make a car reservation from HMSB.
  • step
    HMSB will issue a confirmation letter to the dealer stating the model, chassis and engine number.
  • step
    Your Honda dealer will forward the confirmation letter along with required documents to MOF.
  • step
    Once approved by MOF, your dealer will submit a copy of the approval letter and the required documents to the Customs and Excise Department via HMSB.
  • step
    Upon Customs approval, HMSB will inform the dealer. You then make full payment to the dealer.
  • step
    HMSB will deliver the car to your dealer.
  • step
    Your new Honda is ready for collection!
Required Documents
1 A certified copy of the letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia confirming your participation in MM2H.
2 A certified copy of your international passport (the page with personal details and the page with Multiple Entry Visa and the words 'Malaysia My Second Home Programme').
3 Booking form from authorised Honda dealer (provided upon booking made at any authorised Honda dealer).
4 Certificate of no claim record/NCD (optional).
5 Application for exemption of tax and duty on motorcar under MM2H programme. (Required document for MOF approval.) Download the MOF offer letter application form (PDF).
6 Offer letter from MOF approved (issued by MOF).
7 International Driving License or Malaysian Driving License.


Information on the site is extracted from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) website. Disclaimer: Honda Malaysia will not be liable for any changes or amendments to this scheme.

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