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New Service Package

Find out all you need to know about our new service package for your new Honda.

5 Years Warranty with Unlimited Mileage*
Why is Honda launching the 5 Years warranty with unlimited mileage*?

Offering 5 Years Warranty with Unlimited Mileage shows the confidence we put on our vehicles to maintain an above average standard of reliability over the course of that time span.

What are the items covered or eligible for the 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage*?

For detailed terms & conditions, please refer to Honda Warranty & Service booklet.

Why is the 5 years warranty offered to Honda’s new models but not on existing models?

Honda’s new models are introduced with new technology, designed and built for extra years of total reliability.

Is the warranty transferable between owners?

Yes, providing the car is under five years old at the time of the sale. The balance of the warranty goes to the new owner, subject to servicing having been carried out at the recommended intervals at any Honda Authorised Dealers.

I’ve lost my Warranty & Service booklet manual. Can you send me a new one?

Your local Honda Authorised Dealer will be pleased to order a replacement for you. However, there may be a small charge incurred.

Where can I find more information, terms and conditions?

You can find more information and details of the Terms and Conditions on our website or in the Warranty & Service Booklet.

New Free Service
Despite the free service, can I obtain additional discount if I consistently send my car for service?

Apart from the free service (labour only), no additional discount is offered. The terms and conditions are fixed and final.

How to identify the new free service?

The new Free Service is for free labour charge only, and only applied at selected intervals which are 1,000km, 30,000km, 60,000km, 90,000km & 100,000km

If I send my car for service regularly but missed one service (paid service), will I be entitled for the next free service?

Kindly refer to the terms and conditions or contact our Honda Authorized Dealers for more information.

New Maintenance Menu
Why is Honda extending the interval from 5,000km to 10,000km but not 15,000km or 20,000km?

As per stated in the Shop Manual, the extension of service interval for new models is 10,000km.

Are there any changes on the engine oil used?

There are no changes on the engine oil usage, however it is recommended to use high grade oil to maintain optimum performance of the engine.

Do I have options of choosing the engine oil for service?

Yes, customers are given options to use any type of Honda genuine engine oil for service. We provide variants including Honda genuine mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and full-synthetic oil.

If I would like to maintain using mineral oil is it possible? Would it affect the engine performance since the interval has been extended?

The minimum requirement would be Honda genuine mineral oil. It would not affect the engine performance even though the interval has been extended. However, we recommend using Honda genuine full-synthetic oil, which has the highest quality for optimum performance.