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Recover your lost car, FAST!

CSE CONNEX for Honda is an advanced GNSS Telematics Security System with Driver card technology that is able to detect unauthorized movement of your car. If your vehicle is ever stolen, our Secure Operating Centre (SOC), together with the Police will recover your vehicle in less than 72 hours. So get the best security system for your car to ensure that it remains safe.

This highly intelligent and accurate telematics device comes with dedicated retrofit kit for all Honda models, in-built backup battery, motion detector, GNSS location and Driver Card support. GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) uses a combination of GPS and GLONASS satellites for high reliability and accuracy of location data.

CSE Connex for Honda has been designed with the following features fully approved by Honda Malaysia:

Mobile App – Smart lifestyle features

Safety, Security and Recovery services

How Connex works

What happens when you receive an SMS theft alert?

If you receive an SMS theft alert and a call from the SOC, this means your vehicle has automatically generated a theft alert-enabling it to be tracked by the SOC. If theft is false, the SOC will disable auto-stolen vehicle tracking on your vehicle. If theft is confirmed, the SOC will continue to track and liaise with the police for recovery.

Automatic theft alert

Manual theft alert - what happens if you call the SOC to report a theft?

If you discover your car missing or if ever it is car-jacked, you should call the SOC as soon as you can. After verifying your details, the SOC will attempt to establish connection with your stolen car. If connection is successful, you will receive an SMS notification that the SOC is managing the theft of your car and is working with the police for its recovery as fast as possible.

Manual theft

CSE Connex for Honda is specially priced by Honda Malaysia at RM 2,792.40 inclusive of installation and first year service. The annual renewal service includes Connex “my Connected car” Mobile App package, Safety, Security and Recovery services, Connex for Honda unique Compensation Guarantee, GSM account, all data charges for theft alerts and a monthly 100 SMS credits for Mobile app usage.

CSE Connex for Honda is available at all authorized Honda Malaysia dealers.