Reservation of rights

Honda Malaysia reserves the right and discretion to the following:

Agreement & Representation

The participant accepts, agrees and represents as follows:

Knowledge & Risk

That the Participant takes part in the Event absolutely and solely at his/her own risk, with full knowledge and understanding of all the risks involved in and / or inherent to an Event of this nature; and that the Participant accepts and agree to absolutely and solely bear and be responsible for any and all cost, expense, loss and /or damage (including for loss, damage and / or injury to property, person and / or death) which the Participant may suffer, howsoever arising from and / or incidental to the Event, or participant in the Event.

That the Participant shall be absolutely and solely liable and responsible for the Participant’s own safety, security and welfare, including the safety and security of the Participant’s chattel and property.

Exclusion of liability

Without prejudice, the Participant excludes Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd., and / or the Instructor from any and all the cost, expenses , loss and / or damage, liability or responsibility (including for loss, damage and /or injury to property, person and / or death) set out condition above, including that howsoever arising from , caused by and /or incidental to any anyone

Any act, deed, event occurrence and /or thing (including natural disaster and force major) not authorized by, or outside the control and / or power of Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the Owner, the Instructor and / or other Participants

Any acts, deeds and / or omissions (including any negligence) of Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the Owner, the Instructors and /or other Participants.

And that the Participant waives any and all claims, rights or remedies it may have against Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd , the Owner, the Instructors and / or other Participants.

Agreement & Representation

The participant accepts, agrees and represents as follows:


That the participant shall keep Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the Owner, and the Instructors fully and effectively indemnified against any and all cost, expenses, loss and /or damage caused to and/or suffered by Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the Owner, and / or the Instructors howsoever arising from, caused by and/or incidental to any act, deed and /or omission of the Participant.

Right to use

The applicants are prohibited from using any audio, visual, photographic and video recording tools. Any video recordings made and taken by the Participant on the event day are strictly prohibited from distribution whether in term of personal, marketing, promotions, any profitable activity and any activity that can tarnish Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s good name.

Participant’s expenses

For the avoidance of doubt, save for breakfast , lunch and tea, and the services of the Instructors, which shall be provided by the Event Organizer, all other costs and expenses howsoever incurred for the Event (cost of petrol and travelling) shall be borne solely by the Participant.


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