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Vehicle Telematics Security System (VTSS)

Honda Connex is a sophisticated vehicle telematics security system (VTSS) with a 24 hour Secure Operating Centre (SOC) theft monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery service, fully approved by Honda Malaysia.
If your vehicle gets stolen, it will be tracked and located by the SOC which will then liaise with the police authorities to help recover your vehicle.
Once located, the police will know the speed at which your vehicle is travelling, the road it’s on and even the direction of travel – vital information to help them locate and recover your vehicle without engaging in a potentially dangerous high-speed pursuit.
In short, Honda Connex gives you the best chance of ensuring your Honda remains your Honda.

Honda Connex has been designed with the following features & benefits:

Unique compensation guarantee by Honda Malaysia

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) Technology

Web Application

Mobile Application

How Connex works
What happens when the SOC receives a theft alert from your vehicle?

If a theft alert is generated from your vehicle, for example if it is being driven without the driver card, the system goes into theft mode automatically. This will enable the SOC to start tracking your vehicle. You will receive an SMS "theft alert" and a call from the SOC to verify the event. If theft is false, the SOC will disable tracking on your vehicle. If theft is confirmed, the SOC will continue to track your stolen vehicle, liaise with the police and continuously update auto-location for them to recover it quickly.

Automatic Theft Alert

What to do if you discover your vehicle stolen without any theft alert?

If you find your vehicle missing without receiving any SMS theft alert, you must call the SOC immediately.
The SOC, after verifying your details, will attempt to activate theft mode on your vehicle. If theft mode is successfully activated, i.e. SOC is able to communicate with the device in the vehicle, the SOC will continue to track the vehicle, liaise with the police and continuously update its location for them to recover it quickly.

Voluntary Theft Report

Honda Connex is priced at RM2,960 inclusive of installation and 1st year service fee. The annual service fee is RM360 (year 2 onwards) which includes a unique compensation guarantee, 24 hour SOC, monthly system health check, GSM SIM card inclusive of all SMS charges for theft alerts and 200 SMS credit for the use of web application.
The web application allows the owner to stay connected with their vehicle at all time: car finder/real-time location of their vehicle and its status, set speed limit alert, set geo-fencing zone in/out alert, set transport and garage mode, configure the way the owner receive alerts by SMS or e-mail and change their web access system generated password.
For more information, please visit your Authorised Honda Dealer.